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🎧 Navigating the Sales Industry in a Noisy World
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Apr 17, 2023 / Posted by Steven Dworman / 45

🎧 Navigating the Sales Industry in a Noisy World


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Steve, a top expert in the infomercial industry, about his laws of success and his new book that features contributions from seven experts on navigating the challenges of the pandemic and achieving success in various areas of life. They discuss the current state of the sales industry and offer advice to salespeople on how to stand out in a noisy and distracted world. Steve emphasizes the importance of having real domain expertise and integrity in today’s world, where people crave connections with brands and humans. The episode concludes with John encouraging listeners to check out Steve’s book and thanking him for his time and insights.

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About Author

In the field of infomercials, Steven Dworman is considered a top industry expert. Steven has a keen eye for picking products and was responsible for many huge successes in the industry such as Total Gym, which grossed over $2 billion in sales. Dworman also created the first women's perfume sold on television called "Curiosity," grossing over $60 million in sales in 6 months and created the first reality tv App for the iphone called ‘Real Weather Girls,” which resulted in 70K downloads in two and a half weeks.


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