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🎧  Modern Leadership: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jul 10, 2024 / Posted by Mara Benner / 4

🎧 Modern Leadership: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence


In this podcast episode, John Goldin from Pop Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM chats with Mara Benner, who works at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine and runs her own small business. They dive into what modern leadership looks like today, focusing on the importance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and taking a holistic approach. Mara discusses how leaders must tackle personal and professional challenges using mindfulness and self-regulation. She also points out how crucial it is to celebrate successes and deal with imposter syndrome. Through her work with True North Executive Coaching, Mara blends these ideas to boost leadership skills and promote corporate wellness.

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About Author

Mara has a deep passion for supporting an individual’s goals to achieve professional and personal success. Her background includes over 25 years in nonprofit, corporate, and governmental relations. Mara led both a national and state nonprofit healthcare association. She spent 15 years at the corporate level, reporting to the CEO of a $2 billion national healthcare company. Mara has also been a successful small business entrepreneur and worked in teams to achieve positive healthcare policy changes at the federal and state levels. Her various roles have helped her understand high-caliber leadership's importance in manifesting positive changes and meeting objectives. While enjoying her professional career, Mara has also been on a personal journey to learn how ancient cultures addressed health, well-being, and wholeness.


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