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🎧  Mental Health At Workplace
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Nov 11, 2022 / Posted by Jeff Cartwright / 17

🎧 Mental Health At Workplace


Jeff Cartwright is today’s Expert Insight Interview guest. He joined the Fire and Rescue Service in August 1995. He has 30+ years of experience in the emergency response industry with B.C. Ambulance Service, the Fire and Rescue and CISM. With a powerful passion for Workplace Mental Health, Trauma Resiliency, and Post Trauma Care. Jeff and Our host John Golden discuss Mental health at the workplace.

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About Author

I have spent the last 30+ years involved in the emergency response industry. My experience with B.C. Ambulance Service, the Fire Rescue Service and with my involvement in CISM, have guided me into my passion for Workplace Mental Health, Trauma Resiliency and Post Trauma Care. I am very comfortable as a leader and instructor in helping new emergency workers enter the field with the tools for self-care, and assisting veterans of the work to cope and get help. I can develop and maintain a Critical Incident Management program for your workplace.


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