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🎧  Maximizing Profitability: The Key to Sales Success
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / May 19, 2023 / Posted by Thomas McNulty / 21

🎧 Maximizing Profitability: The Key to Sales Success


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Tommy McNulty, founder and CEO of Rhythm, about how to use sales P&L to be a people-first leader. Tommy shares his personal experience of discovering the importance of understanding metrics beyond just activity and pipeline, such as customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, profitability by customer segment, and payback periods. They also discuss the impact of sales tools on sales performance and the importance of understanding the financial game of the business. Tommy stresses the importance of predictability in sales teams and the negative impact of hiring the wrong people. Overall, the episode emphasizes the importance of making profitability a team sport and using metrics to make informed decisions that drive sales performance.

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About Author

Tommy McNulty is the Founder & CEO of Rhythm, the first platform dedicated to helping sales leaders scale themselves and their teams, enable managers, and deliver a culture of performance at any stage of growth. He’s been an integral part of the NYC tech sales ecosystem for over 10 years and most recently, he ran consumer sales at NerdWallet, where he joined via the acquisition of Fundera.


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