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🎧  Mastering SEO in the Age of AI
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Jun 30, 2024 / Posted by Tanishq Goyal / 6

🎧 Mastering SEO in the Age of AI


In this podcast episode, John Golden from Sales POP! Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM interviews Tanishq Goyal, CEO of, about the significance of SEO for businesses. Tanishq explains how SEO optimizes websites to improve search engine rankings, driving traffic and sales. They discuss AI’s role in enhancing SEO by analyzing data and trends, aiding in better strategy development. Tanishq emphasizes creating user-centric content and staying updated with SEO trends like Google’s algorithms. He advises against common SEO mistakes and highlights the continuous nature of SEO efforts. Tanishq also outlines the services offered by to support businesses in their SEO endeavors.

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About Author

COO at SamBlogs and an adept SEO consultant brings nearly 5 years of extensive experience to the digital marketing landscape. Renowned for her exceptional ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, Tanishq excels in navigating high-pressure environments and analyzing and solving problems precisely.


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