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🎧  Kintsugi and The Art of Resilience
Podcast Sales Tools / PodCast / Jul 3, 2021 / Posted by Celine Santini / 850

🎧 Kintsugi and The Art of Resilience


Embracing the philosophy of kintsugi can help you display the uniqueness of your path. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Celine Santini, personal development blogger, coach, and author of 20 books published in ten different countries.

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About Author

Celine Santini has a creative and original experience and career, guided by passion and intuition. Alternately a wedding planner, a fragrance development manager, a design project manager, a marketing teacher, an event industry trainer, an e-merchant, a brainstorming leader, a product manager, a ceremony celebrant, she dared to change path and life several times.

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This practical book will help you overcome rough times, heal your deepest wounds, and become whole again through the numerous stages, writing exercises, and testimonies.
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