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🎧 Kindness, Core Values & Making a Difference
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Apr 29, 2024 / Posted by Michael Altshuler / 34

🎧 Kindness, Core Values & Making a Difference


In this insightful conversation, motivational speaker and success coach Michael Altshuler shares profound wisdom on positively impacting the world. He emphasizes the importance of living by core values, aligning thoughts and actions with those values, and understanding the ripple effect of small acts of kindness. Altshuler challenges the notion of busyness, encouraging meaningful actions over distractions.

He stresses self-discovery, identifying passions and skills to lead a fulfilling life aligned with one’s values. The conversation touches on the emotional weight of “The Dash” poem, reminding listeners of the legacy they wish to leave. Altshuler’s dedication to continuous learning and growth shines through as he inspires others to prioritize kindness in creating a better, more connected society.

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About Author

Michael is a top-rated Motivational Speaker, Success & Career Coach, and Enterprise Sales Expert, as well as a Bestselling Author and host of the popular Podcast Shows: The RESULTS Podcast and Get Hired with Job Gladiator.


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