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🎧 Impact of Lead-to-Closed/Won Process on CRM Data Quality
Podcast CRM / PodCast / Sep 26, 2019 / Posted by Frank Donny / 2031

🎧 Impact of Lead-to-Closed/Won Process on CRM Data Quality


Here we are interviewing Frank Donny who is an experienced executive with more than 25 years of marketing and sales operations leadership. He owns the ability to integrate process and rigor into daily team workflows and provides a pragmatic foundation for business decisions, long-term relationships, and achievement of strategic objectives.

Here we will be talking about the following queries:

• What is the meaning of lead to close one process adoption?

• How to bring a consistent understanding to get better outcomes in sales?

• The buyer’s behavior changes as well as the dynamics of the market so the sales process is something that you need to keep on revisiting regularly. How to manage that?

• Sales management and sales managers put their focus on last stage opportunities trying to help them over the line and don’t spend enough time working with the salespeople on qualifying properly at the early stages. How to tackle this issue?

Franks also believes that that probability is not the right way to go when you are looking for the most accurate sales forecast. Probability and weighing just aren’t adequate on the front line.

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About Author

Frank is Practice Leader, Sales Operations and Enablement at Quick Start Strategies, a recognized leader in sales performance, demand generation, pipeline management, and sales/marketing integration. Author of How You Can Increase the Close Rates of Your Early-Stage Pipeline Opportunities and Your CRM or Your Salespeople?


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