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🎧 How You Can Contribute To The Betterment Of Society
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Feb 10, 2024 / Posted by Barron Damon / 3

🎧 How You Can Contribute To The Betterment Of Society


Philanthropic coach Barron Damon dispels myths that giving is just for the wealthy, sharing how anyone can contribute time, money, or expertise to a better society. Learn key lessons on understanding your “philanthropic why,” researching organizations, giving strategically, seeking guidance, and living your legacy. Gain insights on maximizing impact, volunteering beyond donations, aligning values with causes, and fulfilling your potential as a philanthropist.

Main focus areas:

  • Philanthropy for all
  • Understanding your “why”
  • Researching organizations
  • Strategic and purposeful giving
  • Seeking professional guidance
  • Living your philanthropic legacy
  • Volunteer time and expertise
  • Aligning values with causes
  • Fulfilling your potential

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About Author

He is a Certified Philanthropic Coach through the International Coaching Federation with over 20 years of experience as a Non-Profit Executive. Barron is currently the Managing Partner of the Business of Life Coaching and Consulting (BOLCC), a service and education company. As a philanthropic coach, Barron teaches donors how to Live their Legacy through strategic giving that aligns with their deepest values. Barron has coached and trained thousands of people during his professional career. He has been featured in national magazines and a special guest on TV, radio shows, and podcasts, discussing topics related to philanthropy, business, youth development, and travel. Barron hosts the Giving While Black Podcast and is the author of Monday Morning Manna.


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