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🎧 How To Star In Your Own Life Movie
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / May 16, 2020 / Posted by Vivienne Posch / 1527

🎧 How To Star In Your Own Life Movie


When people watch movies, they usually don’t notice the extras; the no names whose face flashes on the screen briefly and gets little to no attention. They notice the main character, the star of the movie who presents themselves confidently and strongly and has earned the role of lead. You can be the star of your own life movie in your personal life, in your work, and at home. Vivienne Posch, interviewed by John Golden, explores how to be the star of your life movie.

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My passion is to support people in developing the best of themselves and thus to help them live a truly extraordinary life. The success of my clients inspires me, is my inspiration and motor. At the same time, I act as a strong role model for many self-employed and entrepreneurs to follow me and be successful on their own path.


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