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🎧  How to Sell More on Amazon
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / Jul 21, 2020 / Posted by John Ghiorso / 1591

🎧 How to Sell More on Amazon


Amazon has been blooming for a decade yet given the world situation we are in today, it became even more popular and attracted more brands that are now transacting through Amazon. It started off as a simple product search platform and gradually became a complex instrument for generating sales that not everyone can use successfully ad hoc anymore. More and more professional agencies explore possibilities and ways to optimize the conversion rate using this great engine. The reason for this is that the biggest drivers for successful Amazon retail stories have become more accessible than ever before.

John Ghiorso discusses How to sell more on Amazon in this podcast expert sales interview, hosted by John Golden.

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Founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, a full-service Amazon agency that brings cutting-edge strategies and managed services to over 100 industry-leading brands such as Reebok, Godiva, Levi, and Mars.


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