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🎧  How to Become a Sales Superstar
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Nov 10, 2020 / Posted by Jackie Rainforth / 1179

🎧 How to Become a Sales Superstar


In the pool of similar products and services offered, we have to differentiate ourselves by being an excellent seller. So, our today’s guest in Expert Insight Interview is Jackie Rainforth, and she discusses how to become a selling superstar.

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About Author

Award-winning sales expert, facilitator, and sought-after conference speaker Jackie Rainforth achieved enormous success as one of the few outstanding, professional saleswomen to make it to the top of the male-dominated construction industry. Now she is the founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions.

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Jackie’s progressive perspective, combined with her ultra-effective but straightforward sales strategies, tips, and techniques, shows you exactly what you need to break through these modern-day obstacles and become a Badass Sales Superstar.
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