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🎧   How To Be Resilience As A Busy Professionals
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Jun 18, 2021 / Posted by Angie McDonald / 843

🎧 How To Be Resilience As A Busy Professionals


Being resilient pushes you to pivot, innovate, learn, and grow in transitional and challenging situations. Thus, today’s guest in the Expert Insight interview is Angie McDonald, and she discusses resilience for busy professionals.

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About Author

Angie McDonald is the CEO of iAM Consulting LLC and Wounded2Wonderful Coaching. She provides collaborative expertise in assisting, training, optimizing, and preparing our underserved, at-risk, and immigrant communities through various motivational and professional efforts.

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“Wounded2Wonderful: 7 Affirmations Towards Healing & Growth” is an engaging seven-day and/or seven-week guide empowering you to “Heal.Grow.Discover.” Each phase begins with an affirmation and expounded conversation to motivate you to begin Chronicling your Journey towards your Gift of Healing.
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