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audio How Thought Patterns are Blinding and Holding Us Back
Podcast Health & Wellness / PodCast / Jun 24, 2021 / Posted by Naketa Thigpen / 739

audio How Thought Patterns are Blinding and Holding Us Back


Certain thought patterns are blinding our brilliance and holding us back. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Naketa R. Thigpen, psychotherapist, trauma specialist, sexologist, and relationship expert.

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About Author

Naketa Thigpen, regarded as the #1 balance and relationship advisor in the world, is the president and CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, a global personal development company. Ignited to activate others, Naketa's authored several books and workbooks. Featured on the Lifestyle Channel, International Radio shows and broadcast.

Author's Publications on Amazon

'Careerpreneur Kickstart' is a tool for creative-minded professional women who are also entrepreneurs. This book sets up basic tenants to kickstart you into high gear by removing the excuses that so many of us hide behind when we are simply overwhelmed with work-life balance requirements…
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The purpose of this workbook is to provide women in business, aspiring or established, with strategic tools to help you flush through your daily tasks and begin to separate the significant from the trivial and noticeable mental clutter inhibiting your growth.
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In 'Selfish', Naketa shares her own deeply personal experiences as an ambitious woman who battled dysfunction, trauma, abandonment, and toxic relationships… All while growing a family, career, global business, and re-igniting the sparks in her marriage.
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