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🎧  How Shifting Mindset Helps Us Become More Productive Immediately
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Mar 3, 2021 / Posted by Fabienne Fredrickson / 1143

🎧 How Shifting Mindset Helps Us Become More Productive Immediately

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Sometimes, being honest with ourselves on what we really want helps us finish things we started a long time ago. Thus, today’s guest in the Expert Insight Interview is Fabienne Frederickson, and she discusses how shifting our minds can lead to an immediate change in our behaviors.

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About Author

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of Boldheart and Boldheart Business Activators. Originally celebrated for the creation of The Client Attraction System, Fabienne's company has repeatedly been ranked by Inc. magazine as one of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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In 'Embrace Your Magnificence', Fabienne lays out a course in self-esteem. She shows that when you realize how great you truly are, you free yourself to confidently shift your life.
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victoria ogunlowo commented...

read, insight gained.

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