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🎧 How Remarkable Customer Experience Can Help You Sell More
Podcast Customer Experience / PodCast / Jun 28, 2020 / Posted by Dan Gingiss / 1215

🎧 How Remarkable Customer Experience Can Help You Sell More


Customer experience has become a bit of a buzz word over the last few years, and for a very good reason. Customer experience can significantly influence your overall sales. If your customers have a bad or negative experience with your company or brand, it can be a death sentence for your organization. But, if they have a really remarkable, awesome experience, it can help you generate more profit. Dan Gingiss explores the importance of customer experience and how to use it to sell more in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker who believes that remarkable customer experience can be your best marketing. Dan doesn’t just talk about experiences. He creates an experience for your audience and delivers clear takeaways that they can put into action the very next day at the office.

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