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🎧  How is AI transforming sales and marketing in the digital age?
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Nov 3, 2023 / Posted by Govind Balu / 35

🎧 How is AI transforming sales and marketing in the digital age?


In this podcast episode, John Golden introduces Govind Balu, the founder and CEO of QuaXigma, and interim Chief Digital Officer at Roadside Protect. They discuss digital transformation, focusing on AI and its impact on sales and marketing. Govind explains the concept of digital transformation and the shift from analog to digital thinking. He emphasizes how AI can improve human jobs and find solutions to issues that are beyond the capacity of humans. They also explore the potential of automation in sales and customer service, emphasizing the importance of addressing pain points and optimizing processes before implementing digital transformation. They conclude by expressing gratitude to each other and the audience.

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LinkedIn (QuaXigma)
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About Author

GOVIND BALU is a visionary entrepreneur and experienced executive with a strong background in leveraging data and AI to drive business growth across different industries. As the Founder and CEO of QuaXigma, he spearheads the company’s vision to transform organizations into data-driven enterprises. Govind is also serving as Interim Chief Digital Officer at Roadside Protect, overseeing technology strategy, data strategy, IT capabilities, data analytics capabilities, and business transformation programs.


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