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🎧  How does a business anthropologist shape consumer behavior?
Podcast Customer Experience / PodCast / Aug 30, 2023 / Posted by Oliver Sweet / 49

🎧 How does a business anthropologist shape consumer behavior?


In this podcast episode, host John Golden interviews Oliver Sweet, a business anthropologist based in London. Oliver explains the role of a business anthropologist in understanding and influencing consumer behavior through the study of culture. He discusses the importance of immersing oneself in different cultures and subcultures to gain insights into people’s motivations and behaviors. Oliver also explores how the shift to remote work and the decline of commuting have impacted brands and companies. He emphasizes the need for brands to redefine themselves, find authenticity, and create emotional connections with consumers. Oliver invites listeners to learn more about his expertise and Ipsos, the global research agency he works for.

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About Author

Oliver is a business anthropologist who offers an unfiltered view of people and culture through international research. He educates companies and governments on how to change consumer and citizen behavior. His work has spanned over 35 different countries around the world where he has worked on topics such as public health, sustainability, product innovation, and brand development.


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