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🎧  How can you kick start your marketing without breaking the bank?
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Jul 19, 2023 / Posted by Chris Pistorius / 5

🎧 How can you kick start your marketing without breaking the bank?


In this podcast episode, John Golden and Chris Pistorius discuss how to kick-start your marketing without breaking the bank. They emphasize the importance of identifying target customers and developing a unique selling proposition before investing in marketing strategies. Chris shares his expertise in dental marketing and how it can be applied to other industries. They discuss the need for a CRM system to track customer data and the importance of having processes and procedures in place to handle incoming leads and customer interactions. They also recommend resources for building and scaling a business and discuss the significance of simplicity and authenticity in marketing efforts.

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About Author

Chris Pistorius has spent the last 15 years helping dental practices gain new patients from the Internet. He is the founder and CEO KickStart Dental Marketing.

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