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🎧  How Can You Establish Yourself as an Expert in Sales?
Podcast Sales / PodCast / Jul 5, 2024 / Posted by Dr. Yaniv Zaid / 8

🎧 How Can You Establish Yourself as an Expert in Sales?


In the Expert Insights interview episode, John Golden from SalesPOP Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM engages with Dr. Yaniv Zaid, “Doctor Persuasion,” an economist, attorney, and business consultant. They discuss strategies for becoming the best version of oneself as a sales manager or salesperson and establishing expertise in the field. Key topics include building trust, authenticity, and the importance of quick responses. Dr. Zaid emphasizes being the sole option for clients, leveraging referrals, and upselling. He also introduces his consulting services and new book, “The 21st Century Sales Bible.”

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About Author

Dr. Yaniv Zaid, known to the world as "Doctor Persuasion", economist and attorney Dr. Yaniv Zaid acts as a business consultant to government departments, private firms, and public organizations. He holds a PhD in law and utilizes his rich knowledge and experience to help others succeed. Dr. Zaid is recognized worldwide as an expert in public speaking, marketing, sales, negotiation, and persuasion, and placed 3rd in the 2003 world ranking of public speakers.

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This book reveals the most innovative and successful tools for increasing your income, building your professional authority, creating and maintaining a community of customers, engaging in creative marketing, and maximizing your sales. Apply the skills and strategies you will gain here, and your business will…
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In The 21st Century Sales Bible, Dr. Yaniv Zaid--aka Doctor Persuasion--gives clear, unequivocal and universally applicable guidance on "mastering the ten commandments of marketing, negotiation, and persuasion."
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