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🎧 How Can Systems Thinking Revolutionize Industrial Facilities?
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Dec 21, 2023 / Posted by Matthew Kleiman / 20

🎧 How Can Systems Thinking Revolutionize Industrial Facilities?


Systems Thinking: The Future of Industrial Operations

Matthew Kleiman, CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems, isn’t talking anatomy when he compares factories to the human body. He’s urging a radical shift: viewing facilities as interconnected systems, not silos.

Why? Siloed thinking leads to inefficiency, waste, and even disasters. COVID-19 proved it, forcing businesses to see the crucial connections between seemingly disparate parts.

Enter systems thinking. It’s not just fancy tech; it’s a holistic approach that elevates efficiency and safety. Kleiman’s living proof: his company, Cumulus Digital Systems, embodies this philosophy.

Ready to ditch the silos and embrace the future? Kleiman’s book, “Work Done Right,” is your guide. Buckle up, and let systems thinking revolutionize your operations.

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About Author

Matthew Kleiman is the co-founder & CEO of Cumulus Digital System, an accomplished entrepreneur, executive, investor, and author making a profound impact in industrial maintenance and construction. He also co-founded Shell's TechWorks innovation division in Cambridge, Massachusetts, revolutionizing the energy supply chain through a systems thinking approach. His latest book, "Work Done Right," addresses the global issue of poor work quality in industrial facilities. In an era of labor shortages and rapid technological change, he offers a comprehensive guide to using systems thinking to overcome quality challenges. Matthew's firm commitment to safety, sustainability, and work quality is both inspiring and transformative.

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