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🎧 How Can Embracing Curiosity Uncover Your Superpower?
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Oct 7, 2023 / Posted by Karen Roy / 25

🎧 How Can Embracing Curiosity Uncover Your Superpower?


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Karen Roy, an acclaimed author and leadership expert. They discuss the power of curiosity in personal and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of asking questions and learning from others. They explore how curiosity plays a role in sales and building relationships with customers. Karen shares her experiences in the corporate world and how curiosity helped her understand clients’ businesses and problem-solve for them. They also touch on the challenges of starting a business and the value of continuous learning. Karen introduces her online book course, Author FastTrack, and John encourages listeners to check it out. The episode concludes with gratitude and farewells.

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About Author

Karen Roy is an acclaimed author, leadership expert, and creator of the renowned online book course called Author FastTrack, and she is ready to share her insights. With a mantra of "Take risks and follow your curiosity with all the tenacity you can muster," Karen has transformed her life from a corporate "scatterbrain" to a trailblazing entrepreneur. After enjoying a successful 30-year career in prestigious organizations like Bell Canada, Visa Canada, and Andres Wines, Karen decided to embrace a new path. She left behind her senior roles and established Karen Roy and Associates, a boutique retail consulting firm specializing in sales training, marketing, and operations.


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