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🎧  How Can a Fractional CMO Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jul 23, 2023 / Posted by Josh Ramsey / 21

🎧 How Can a Fractional CMO Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Josh Ramsey, a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO), about the role and benefits of a fractional CMO for companies. They discuss the definition of a fractional CMO and how it can improve marketing strategies, brand building, and sales efforts. They also touch on the complexity of marketing, the need for strategic messaging, and the importance of understanding consumer wants and needs. Josh advises companies to carefully evaluate the skill sets and personalities of potential CMO hires and encourages looking beyond industry boundaries for fresh perspectives. They conclude by emphasizing the importance of providing value and being of service to others in business.

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About Author

After first finding a passion for marketing as a young man, and quickly working his way up the ladder with a large agency, Josh Ramsey stepped out on his own in 2009 and never looked back. Initially opening his own Digital Marketing Agency with just a few dollars in his pocket and a car that broke down on his way to a conference, where he ultimately acquired his agency's first “Big Client”, Josh Ramsey has been known for putting it all out there for himself and his clients. Fast forward to today, and after taking a short hiatus to enjoy retirement life, Josh is an active speaker, author of the book, “How Some SEO Companies Disguise Laziness and Hide Poor Strategies” and is back at the office each day helping others build their organizations as a Fractional CMO, “Chief Marketing Officer”.


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