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🎧  How An Intentional Culture Can Double Your Bottom Line
Podcast Business Culture / PodCast / Sep 12, 2020 / Posted by Bill Higgs / 1344

🎧 How An Intentional Culture Can Double Your Bottom Line


Having the right company culture will help your business to grow. Thus, in today’s Expert Insight Interview, Bill Higgs discusses how an intentional culture can benefit your business.

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About Author

Bill Higgs and two partners founded Mustang Engineering, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Now he is the author of two books, Mustang: The Story and Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business.

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Learn how to create and cultivate a championship culture in your business. It will increase your bottom line by attracting and retaining better people, better clients, and reducing rework. Practical tips and methods will help you maximize productivity, performance, and profit by increasing passion throughout…
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"Mustang: The Story" follows three men on a passion to create an engineering firm. Feel their passion to succeed, learn from their mistakes, and discover what it truly means to be a "Mustanger".
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