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🎧 Hierarchy of Purpose
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Oct 20, 2019 / Posted by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez / 2177

🎧 Hierarchy of Purpose


John Golden podcast interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez who is the global champion of project management and has transformed project management into one of the central issues on every CEO’s 2030 agenda. He is the creator of concepts such as the Hierarchy of Purpose featured by Harvard Business Review, or the Project Revolution.

Today we will talk about the following points:

• Is the Hierarchy of purpose allows more mobility and flexibility to the employee?

• The speed and agility regarding the handling and delivery of projects are very fast these days. Everyone is not ready for that. So what are some of the tips and tricks to execute the projects fast without compromising with the quality factor?

• If someone is working in a department; performing the fixed set of tasks that is repetitive every day, then he has to do project-based work. What are some of the challenges that one faces making that transition?

Organizations that expect to stay competitive need a strategic plan, but to make any “plan” effective they also need the ability to prioritize all major investments every step of the way – including services lines, technology, marketing, and organizational structure.

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About Author

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the world’s leading champion of Project Management and Strategy Implementation. He is the creator of concepts such as the Hierarchy of Purpose, or the Project Manifesto; which argues that projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.

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