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🎧  Harnessing the Power of the “Great Wheel” in Sales
Podcast Sales Leadership / PodCast / Mar 30, 2024 / Posted by Thomas Kaiser / 22

🎧 Harnessing the Power of the “Great Wheel” in Sales


In a captivating conversation with Tom Kaiser, Managing Partner at The Revenue Engine, I, John Golden, gleaned invaluable insights into the transformative “Great Wheel” concept and its profound impact on sales and business growth. Tom, whose career highlights include pivotal roles at AIG, Zurich, and Arkwright, shared his extensive experience in driving companies to achieve remarkable success.

The “Great Wheel” philosophy he introduced champions that every employee plays a crucial role in marketing and sales, advocating for an organizational mindset shift toward unified customer acquisition and retention goals. Tom emphasized that this alignment across all departments is essential for amplifying sales force effectiveness while managing expenses efficiently. He further underscored the importance of cultivating a sales-oriented culture within the organization, where each individual is aware of their role in the sales process, supported by targeted training and clear communication of the company’s mission.

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About Author

Tom Kaiser, Managing Partner at The Revenue Engine LLC. He has been the President of Global 1000 companies like AIG, Zurich, and Arkwright and an entrepreneur who helped turn Arch Insurance into a $billion company from scratch. The red thread that runs through Tom’s career is he dramatically increased the revenue of every company he worked with. Tom is co-author of The Revenue Engine—How to Double Your Revenue and Transform Your bottom line.


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