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🎧 Guerilla Marketing in the 21st Century
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Apr 25, 2020 / Posted by Mark S A Smith / 1364

🎧 Guerilla Marketing in the 21st Century


The term “guerilla marketing” has been around since 1982, and most people in the sales and marketing world are familiar with the concept. However, just as there have been substantial changes to the marketing world and how to prospect to clients in the 21st century, guerilla marketing has undergone many changes as well in order to keep up with these changes. Mark Smith, podcast interviewed by John Golden, explores guerilla marketing in the 21st century.

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A 36-year veteran of the business world, running his own company for 26 years, he works with companies large and small to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Mark designs and implements leadership, sales, marketing, customer acquisition and client conversion systems that find and recruit willing buyers for products and services ranging from common every-day to high-end unique and disruptive.

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