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🎧   Growing Personally to Thrive Professionally
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Aug 29, 2020 / Posted by Barb Garrison / 1384

🎧 Growing Personally to Thrive Professionally


There is a direct relationship between growing personally and growing your career. Thus, in today’s Expert Insight Interview, Barb Garrison talks about how to grow personally so that your career can grow as well.

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About Author

As a highly sought-after Certified Career & Money Breakthrough Coach and “Job-You-Love” expert, Barb created the Job I Love Revolution where she’s a rabble-rouser for freedom, taking a stand for you to get paid to do you. She is an excellent planner, brainstorming partner, and creative problem-solver with two decades of experience as a corporate manager, mentor, business owner, and marketer.


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