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🎧 Grow Your Organization With Strategic Planning
Podcast Sales Management / PodCast / May 12, 2020 / Posted by John Ferris / 1287

🎧 Grow Your Organization With Strategic Planning


Many people are unfamiliar with strategic planning, and how it can create tremendous growth within an organization. And even if you are familiar with the concept, there can still be a lot of confusion over how to do it, or create consistency with a strategic plan. Strategic planning is a process or a system, that can be taught and learned by your employees. If you follow the system and process and methodology, you can get some consistent execution. The goal is to create repetitive steps that are as simple as possible to get you executing your strategy as soon as possible. John Ferris explores how to grow your organization with strategic planning in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

John Ferris, CEO of inVision Edge and leads his team in Strategy Navigation, Innovation Engineering, and Organizational Activation. prior to founding inVision Edge, John has held executive positions in the areas of strategic planning, sales and marketing operations and HR for several leading Manitoba organizations.


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