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🎧  Global Spring: Predictions for a Post-Pandemic World
Podcast Business Culture / PodCast / May 9, 2022 / Posted by Dr Maha Hosain Aziz / 162

🎧 Global Spring: Predictions for a Post-Pandemic World


Are we globalists, or are we nationalists; do we care about the other? In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Dr. Maha Aziz, a professor in the MA International Relations program at the New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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About Author

Dr Maha Hosain Aziz is a professor, keynote speaker, author, and cartoonist focused on global risk & prediction in NYU's MA International Relations Program. She is a risk expert in the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council; and on occasion, she still consults via the world's first crowdsourced consultancy Wikistrat and other networks.

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'Future world order' aims to serve as a guide for all audiences to make better sense of the world at this sensitive global turning point. And it encourages readers to be more activist in shaping their future.
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