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🎧  From Garage to E-Commerce Giant
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Jan 26, 2024 / Posted by Vishal Sheth / 11

🎧 From Garage to E-Commerce Giant


In this episode of the Expert Insights Interview, host John Golden speaks with Vishal Sheth, CEO of Battery Mate, about his journey from starting in a garage with ten products to becoming a leading e-commerce business in Australia and New Zealand. Seth shares the challenges of scaling, the importance of a profit-first approach, and the value of smart hiring and strong relationships. He emphasizes the significance of attitude in team members and the intricacies of expanding into new markets. Sheth also offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the low barriers to entry and the potential for fulfillment in starting a business.

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About Author

Vishal Sheth is the Founder & CEO of, Australia's largest rechargeable battery supplier in Australia. Vishal has over 6 years of experience in the battery industry and has been recognized by multiple organizations for his contributions to the field. He is passionate about providing sustainable energy solutions to people around the world.


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