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🎧 Forging Your Personal Brand
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Apr 28, 2020 / Posted by Sima Dahl / 2167

🎧 Forging Your Personal Brand


Everyone has a personal brand, but not everyone defines their personal brand for themselves. The idea that other people could define you and your brand should be a scary idea! Don’t let people go so far as to make up what your brand is. Be clear, concise, specific, and intentional about what your personal brand is. Sima Dahl tells you how to forge your personal brand using the “sway method” in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

I spent 20 years as a B2B corporate marketer, winning awards for my work in branding, messaging, and generating leads for complex products & services, mostly in high-tech. But my career was nothing if not volatile, so I adapted everything I knew about marketing to promote myself. Years later, the total sum of my personal growth and professional life would become Sway Factor.

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