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🎧  Exit, then Existential Joy: How Entrepreneurs Find Fulfillment After Selling
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Jan 6, 2024 / Posted by Jerome Myers / 23

🎧 Exit, then Existential Joy: How Entrepreneurs Find Fulfillment After Selling


Sold your business? Congrats! Now brace for the “founder’s exit paradox.” Financial freedom? Check. Crushing identity crisis? Double check. Join award-winning strategist Jerome Myers as he unpacks this hidden challenge and equips you with actionable tools to navigate your post-exit path. Discover how to reclaim your identity, find your next “intensive” project, and make an even greater impact in the world. Ditch the burnout and embrace the breakthrough. Your fulfilling post-exit journey awaits.

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About Author

An award-winning engineer turned business strategist, Jerome uses his rich experience and innate understanding of human emotions to ensure that your journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is a fulfilling one. At the helm of a division of a multibillion-dollar Fortune 550 company, Jerome created a thriving $20 million operation with 175 dedicated team members. Now, he employs that expertise to advise leaders across diverse industries, from real estate to healthcare, guiding them to double their revenue, achieve harmony in their work-life integration, and ramp up their charitable contributions.

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