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🎧  Entrepreneurs on Ethical Sales
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Mar 16, 2023 / Posted by Jordan Mederich / 24

🎧 Entrepreneurs on Ethical Sales


Jordo is a successful entrepreneur, filmmaker, and avid fisherman. He is best known as the founder of Drop Funnels, one of the fastest-growing marketing platforms online. Jordo has helped a lot of businesses grow and reach their full potential by coming up with new ways to market online.

Jordo is not only involved in business, but he is also an award-winning filmmaker. His work has been shown on Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, CBS, ABC, and many other popular platforms. His creative skills and attention to detail have won him praise in the business world.

Even though Jordo has a lot going on, he always finds time to do what he loves: fishing. He loves spending time with his wife’s sons and exploring the beautiful lakes in Wisconsin. Jordo is always happy to talk about his favorite hobby, fishing, so if you ask him about his most recent fishing trips, he will tell you all about his best catches.

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About Author

Jordan (Or“Jordo” as he’s known)is the founder of one of the fastest-growing marketing platforms online, DropFunnels. Garnering attention from top entrepreneurs and marketers online, DropFunnels is the world's first only tech-free platform to easily build your entire website, blog, sales funnels, SEO-powered blog, courses, and more… built on the world's most powerful and fast infrastructure, WordPress. Jordan is passionate about innovative and disruptive advertising tools and strategies, building company cultures, and investing and innovating on the future of marketing. He Always Brings Humor, insight, and tremendous value to every interview and speaking opportunity. He’s also an award-winning filmmaker with his content seen on Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, CBS, ABC, and many more. When Jordo isn't busy changing the landscape of online marketing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and sons and fishing the beautiful lakes in Wisconsin.


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