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🎧  Effective Outbound Sales Strategies for 2024
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / May 25, 2024 / Posted by Donald Kelly / 35

🎧 Effective Outbound Sales Strategies for 2024


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Donald Kelly, a sales influencer and professional, on the topic of outbound sales strategies for 2024. Donald emphasizes the importance of outbound sales for scaling businesses and discusses the challenges posed by the current noisy digital environment. He advocates for a personalized and human-centered approach to engaging with prospects, particularly on LinkedIn, and advises against immediate sales pitches. Instead, he suggests building rapport and offering value before transitioning to email pitches. Donald also shares insights on his own experiences with outbound strategies and his work with TSC Studios and the Sales Evangelist podcast. John Golden commends Donald’s thorough approach and encourages listeners to consider his methods for improving their own sales outreach.

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I evangelize effective ways salespeople and entrepreneurs can find more qualified prospects, close more deals and make more money. I do this through motivating sales training, online courses, one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars and dynamic keynote presentations.


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