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🎧  Easiest Way to Find Peace, Happiness, and Abundance
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Aug 25, 2020 / Posted by Mabel Katz / 1170

🎧 Easiest Way to Find Peace, Happiness, and Abundance


How much control of our lives do we actually have? In this Expert Insight Interview hosted by John Golden, Mabel Katz discusses the easiest way to find peace, happiness, and abundance.

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About Author

Dame Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and seminar leader who is recognized as a leading authority on Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art and practice for achieving greater clarity of purpose and living as well as working more effectively. She has crafted a series of keynotes, talks, and seminars for corporations, businesses, and individuals – including seminars for children. 

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"In this book, I share my experiences through practical stories and topics that concern and affect us all. I also illustrate the incredible way Ho’oponopono has definitely turned out to be the easiest and most efficient path for me."
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In "The Easiest Way to Live", you will find the keys to becoming your true self, being in harmony with life, and pure in heart, which is a state of essential clarity.
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"In The Easiest Way, Mabel Katz tells her story about rediscovering her Identity and freedom through applying Self Identity through Ho'oponopono in all areas of her life. All who read her book will find gems of wisdom that will allow them to discover for themselves…
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Discover all the answers to life’s problems. Reclaim your life and rediscover your joyous self. This is the heart and soul of "Zero Frequency".
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