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🎧  Don’t be fooled by a bloated pipeline: Focus on quality, not quantity
Podcast Sales Performance / PodCast / Aug 18, 2023 / Posted by Jakub Hon / 38

🎧 Don’t be fooled by a bloated pipeline: Focus on quality, not quantity


In this podcast episode, John Golden and Jakub Hon discuss the challenges of moving from “maybes” to close deals in sales. Jakub, an expert in sales processes, highlights the reasons why deals get stuck in uncertainty, such as wrongly qualifying leads and a lack of control in guiding customers. They emphasize What specific strategies does Jakub recommend for defining and consistently following a sales process?

How does Sales Doc differentiate itself from other sales outsourcing and consultancy firms? He importance of defining and consistently following a sales process, as well as regularly reviewing and qualifying leads. They also discuss the pressure salespeople face to be overly optimistic about their pipeline. Jakub shares insights from his company, Sales Doc, which specializes in sales outsourcing and consultancy for tech companies.

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About Author

Jakub Hon is the Co-Founder and CEO of SALESDOCK. With a hands-on approach to sales, he has provided leadership and consulting services to over 150 organizations, including UberEats, Microsoft, Y Soft, and Google, helping them set up effective sales processes and implement scalable sales methodologies. Alongside his work at SALESDOCk, Jakub has co-founded and served as the Head of Sales for YSOFT Clerbo. Through his various roles, he has developed a passion for helping organizations break free from sales mediocrity and unlock their full potential. Jakub is dedicated to showing audiences that sales can be a fulfilling and rewarding profession when approached with the right mindset and techniques.


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