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🎧  Direct Mail’s Lasting Impact in the Digital Era: Expert Insights
Podcast Sales Tools / PodCast / Mar 16, 2024 / Posted by Mike Gunderson / 39

🎧 Direct Mail’s Lasting Impact in the Digital Era: Expert Insights


The Power of Direct Mail in Today’s Digital World

Direct mail, often seen as a relic of the past in our digital-dominated world, surprisingly holds its ground as a powerful marketing tool. Mike Gunderson, a seasoned expert in direct marketing, shares that its tangible nature cuts through the digital noise, offering a unique personal touch. This method not only garners attention but fosters a sense of trust and connection with recipients, making it an invaluable asset in the marketing mix.

Despite the rise of remote work posing new challenges for direct mail campaigns, innovative strategies for reaching audiences at their home addresses have kept it relevant. Moreover, integrating direct mail with digital marketing efforts, such as using QR codes to bridge the offline and online worlds, enhances engagement and conversion rates. Mike’s insights reveal that direct mail, when executed creatively and precisely, can be cost-effective and impactful, proving its enduring value in connecting with audiences in meaningful ways.

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About Author

Mike is the founder and president of Gunderson Direct, Inc., the award-winning direct marketing agency. Since 2003, Gunderson Direct has helped businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels and straightforward mail. Its clients have included AAA, Adobe, PayPal, Square, and ZipRecruiter, and the agency consistently ranks among the nation’s top five direct mail agencies. In 2023, Clutch named Gunderson Direct, the top direct mail agency in the United States. Mike Gunderson is also the founder and CEO of Respond Now LLC, a direct response product incubator that helps small, medium, and enterprise businesses market their ideas through direct marketing. Its products include PostReminder, VoteReminder, and Respond Fast.


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