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🎧  Developing Authentic Leaders in Today’s World of Work
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Apr 3, 2023 / Posted by Vanessa Judelman / 45

🎧 Developing Authentic Leaders in Today’s World of Work


Vanessa runs Mosaic People Development, a 20-year-old leadership facilitation and coaching organization. She wrote “The Game Changer: A New Type of Leader for a New World of Work” and is an accomplished author. Vanessa has helped several firms adjust to the changing workplace.

John Golden speaks with Vanessa Edelman in this edition of the podcast about leadership in the modern workplace. They talk on the value of self-awareness, effective communication, and the abilities and resources needed for effective leadership. They also discuss the difficulties of leadership in a workplace with different generations, the need of fostering an environment that inspires people, and the conventional belief that leaders must possess all the knowledge. In order to foster curiosity and cooperation, Vanessa highlights the need of mentoring, listening, and asking open-ended questions. She ends by identifying herself as a leadership coach and consultant.

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About Author

Vanessa Judelman is the President of Mosaic People Development. For over 20 years, Vanessa has been helping clients to develop leaders who inspire great results. She is a speaker, facilitator, talent management consultant and certified coach.

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