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🎧  Cybersecurity, Privacy, and AI Ethics Walk into a Boardroom
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Jun 15, 2024 / Posted by Frank Kyazze / 17

🎧 Cybersecurity, Privacy, and AI Ethics Walk into a Boardroom


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Frank Kyazze about the critical role of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in establishing digital trust and enhancing cybersecurity, privacy, and AI ethics. They explore the challenges of remote work, the necessity of employee education, and the importance of clear policies for data protection. Frank discusses the rigorous security measures required for federal work, the difficulties small companies face in achieving compliance, and the potential of automation to aid in this process. They also examine the future threats of sophisticated social engineering and the need for AI regulation. Frank introduces his new AI product, Frank Kyazze, aimed at helping with security compliance.

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About Author

Frank Kyazze's career blends innovation, ethics, and humanism in technology. Over the last decade, he's become a leader in digital trust, covering cybersecurity, governance, risk management, compliance, privacy, and AI ethics. From Pittsburgh to New Orleans, as the founder and CEO of GRC Knight, Frank champions strategies that protect national security and our society's infrastructure. His work spans traditional sectors to startups and venture capital, advocating for cybersecurity as a growth engine.


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