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🎧  Communicating More Effectively For Sales
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / Jul 19, 2020 / Posted by Bill Kurzeja / 1521

🎧 Communicating More Effectively For Sales


For years, we have been taught that we need to swim fast if we don’t want to get eaten by big fish. Quick reactions were encouraged and stimulated in business literature and courses yet not everyone was made aware of how stressful and unfavorable it can get in emergency times and extraordinary situations. Alien environments such as the one the world is currently in, switched all business styles to virtual offices. But how are people coping with this new online design and how prepared they were? As the process needed to be transmuted very quickly many business professionals were found in challenging and confusing situations left alone with big worries.

Bill Kurzeja, CEO of Professional Success Sales agency discusses how individuals and groups can make their communication more effective and help people overcome the current circumstances.

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About Author

Bill Kurzeja is the VP of Sales Training and Consulting for Professional Success Inc. He has been working in the sales training field since 2014. Bill started his career in the United States Army where he learned discipline and the importance of paying attention to detail.


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