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🎧  The Most Common Mistake When Promoting Salespeople to Sales Leaders
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Oct 15, 2023 / Posted by Matt Phillips / 40

🎧 The Most Common Mistake When Promoting Salespeople to Sales Leaders


In this podcast episode, John and guest Matt Phillips discuss the challenges of transitioning from salesperson to sales leader. They agree that being a successful salesperson does not automatically make someone a successful leader. They delve into the concept of sales archetypes, which are different ways individuals show up and interact in the sales field. Self-awareness is emphasized as crucial for career success, and Matt provides advice on developing it. They also discuss the importance of consistency in both salespeople and leaders, coaching in sales leadership, clear expectations and communication, and the power of beliefs in influencing experiences. Matt’s coaching approach integrates success psychology.

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About Author

As a leadership coach and host of "The Matt Phillips Podcast", Matt Phillips helps sales leaders achieve pro-level performance by developing and harnessing their mental toughness. Having worked with companies including Western Union, Marsh, and Robert Half, Matt knows that the status quo of promoting rockstar salespeople to sales leaders often leaves the new leader with significant gaps in their own leadership philosophy, confidence, and resilience. By combining his background as a professional baseball player with his global experience in sales, operations, and accounting, Matt supports business leaders and teams as they break through the mental roadblocks that arise in their daily grind to help them realize their potential in their personal and professional lives.


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