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🎧  Coaching Methodology
Podcast Sales Leadership / PodCast / Oct 8, 2022 / Posted by Hilmon Sorey / 24

🎧 Coaching Methodology


Today’s guest in the Expert Insight Interview is Hilmon Sorey. He is the investor, podcast host, 8x author, speaker, and co-founder of Coach CRM, which is the first sales coaching platform. Hilmon and Our host John Golden discuss “the most powerful revenue advantage – Coaching Methodology.”

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About Author

Hilmon writes books on B2B sales and sales management. He also interviews thought leaders and innovators on The Winning Zone (TWZ) and shares expertise for startup revenue growth on the Startup Sales & Marketing podcast.

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Cold callers: Explore the 46 reasons we have seen cold callers fail and use the solutions to these fails to improve your ability to hit your goals.
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Sales development is one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States. It is fast-paced, often on the leading edge of technology, and people in the role have the possibility of making a ton of money!
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Coaching is the activity that has the greatest impact on individual human performance in a team setting, and that’s especially true in sales. A sales coach observes performance, identifies a challenge, and works to rapidly make an individual better. This book equips current and aspiring…
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