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🎧  Chat GPT: The Future of Automation and Efficiency
Podcast Sales Technology / PodCast / Jun 4, 2023 / Posted by Shanif Dhanani / 22

🎧 Chat GPT: The Future of Automation and Efficiency


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Shanif Dhanani, a chat GPT consultant, about the benefits of chat GPT for businesses and its potential future developments. They discuss the different versions of chat GPT, how it can automate tasks and enhance productivity, and the various industries that can benefit from it. Shanif also talks about the market for chat GPT and advises companies to start small with proof of concepts before diving into more advanced projects. She offers consulting services to help businesses connect their internal data to chat GPT and is currently working on a product that links data to a Slack bot.

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About Author

Shanif Dhanani is a ChatGPT consultant with a background in software development and data science. He currently helps businesses understand and build systems that connect their internal and proprietary systems to ChatGPT, enabling internal employees, customers, and other stakeholders to reap the benefits of using large language models on their own data. He has built large machine learning, analytics, and software systems at large companies like Twitter and Booz Allen, smaller startups like Apteo, where he was the founder, and TapCommerce, which was one of the world's first mobile advertising platforms.


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