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🎧 Change Management Discussion
Podcast Sales Management / PodCast / Feb 9, 2020 / Posted by Michael Diettrich Chastain / 1639

🎧 Change Management Discussion


Mastering Adaptability – Change in The Workplace

Michael Diettrich Chastain, a professional coach, trainer, and consultant dedicated to peak performance, believes that self-discovery has positive effects in a business setting and that change in the workplace doesn’t have to be a frustrating, drawn-out process. In this interview, Michael talks about influencers of success and the acronym he came up with to explain them, CHANGES, which is also the title of his upcoming book.

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About Author

Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Trainer. Skilled in Coaching, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Training and Employee Engagement Consulting. Providing organizational consulting and coaching services through Arc Integrated.

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"Changes" will help you ask the right questions, integrate the various parts of your life experience, and translate understanding into behavior.
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