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🎧  Can Digital Leadership Skills Drive Innovation in the Digital Age?
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Nov 5, 2023 / Posted by Geoff Blaisdell / 32

🎧 Can Digital Leadership Skills Drive Innovation in the Digital Age?


In this podcast episode, John Golden and Geoff Blaisdell discuss the importance of digital leadership skills and fostering innovation in the digital age. They emphasize the need for leaders to understand that technology is a tool to solve business problems and deliver value. They also explore the concept of digital transformation, debunking the misconception that it will replace human roles. The conversation touches on the impact of AI on jobs, the importance of maintaining customer centricity, and the future of technology. They also discuss ethical considerations surrounding AI and human relationships. Overall, the episode highlights the need for aligning digital initiatives with business goals and involving stakeholders in the journey.

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About Author

Geoff Blaisdell is an experienced digital leader, executive, advisor, investor, and change agent with over thirty years of success at the intersection of finance and technology. Geoff has held key roles at Blackrock, Fischer Francis, and most recently as the Head of Technology at Western Asset Management. During his tenure, Geoff has been responsible and accountable for over $1 billion in global IT and digital deployment, leading teams of over 300 people in support of USD hundreds of billions of global AUM.


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