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🎧  Can AI revolutionize your content marketing strategy?
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Aug 21, 2023 / Posted by Kyle Stout / 19

🎧 Can AI revolutionize your content marketing strategy?


In this podcast episode, host John Golden is joined by Kyle Stout, founder of Elevate and Scale, to discuss the role of AI in developing a content marketing strategy. They emphasize the importance of having a strategy before using AI tools and highlight the need for human intervention to ensure quality content. They explore how AI can assist in market research and email marketing, but caution against relying solely on AI-generated content. The conversation also touches on the shift in search behavior and the chaWhat specific AI tools are recommended for developing a content marketing strategy?

How exactly can AI assist in market research and email marketing?

What kind of expert advice is recommended for email marketing strategies in today’s constantly evolving field? Challenges of personalization in email outreach. Kyle shares common mistakes in email marketing strategies and offers valuable insights. Overall, they recommend seeking expert advice in the constantly evolving field of email marketing.

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About Author

Kyle Stout is the founder of Elevate & Scale, a leading email marketing agency that helps direct-to-consumer brands unlock hidden revenue and put their sales on autopilot while spending $0 in extra ad spend. Kyle is an expert on using email marketing to maximize revenue, leveraging AI to scale content production, and all things retention marketing. Kyle has more than a decade of experience in digital marketing starting as a freelance copywriter where he honed his skills in brand storytelling and email marketing. Once he had developed a set of frameworks that worked consistently across different niches, he started Elevate & Scale specializing in email marketing for ecommerce businesses.


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