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🎧  Building Resilience and Confidence for a Successful Career
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Apr 19, 2023 / Posted by Emmy Sobieski / 19

🎧 Building Resilience and Confidence for a Successful Career


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Emmy Sobieski, author of “100 Million Careers,” about how to create a successful career. Emmy emphasizes the importance of self-confidence, understanding one’s own personality and gifts, and actively managing one’s career and network to achieve success. The speakers also discuss the importance of quality over quantity in building a network, being open to unexpected opportunities, and building resilience. They emphasize the value of supportive friends and reducing interactions with negative influences. Emmy’s company, Competitive Storytelling Inc., helps founders tell their story in a way that attracts customers, talent, and capital.

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About Author

Emmy Sobieski, CFA, the author of $100M Careers, is currently COO of Performative Speaking and COO and co-founder of Competitive Storytelling, Inc. both of which help founders with world-class ideas share their stories to change the world.


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