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🎧  Bridging Leadership and Technology
Podcast Leadership / PodCast / Feb 19, 2024 / Posted by Dr. Anthony Simmons / 7

🎧 Bridging Leadership and Technology


Retired Navy Captain Dr. Anthony Simmons blends leadership expertise, engineering mastery, and consulting savvy to champion organizational wellness. Gain wisdom on self-aware emotional intelligence, embracing authenticity and diversity, retaining the human element in technology adoption, and holistically enhancing performance. Discover resources for elevating cultures.

Key details covered:

  • Dr. Anthony Simmons’ background
  • Leadership + engineering expertise
  • Organizational wellness consulting
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Authenticity and diversity
  • Human element in technology
  • Holistic performance elevation
  • Cultural appreciation resources

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About Author

Dr. Anthony L. Simmons, a retired Navy Captain with 28 years of service, including commanding two AEGIS Destroyers and a Destroyer Squadron, is a seasoned strategic leader and resource planner. With advanced degrees in Strategic Leadership, Mechanical Engineering, and Military Operational Art and Science, his post-service career has focused on maritime defense, small business innovation, and consulting. A valedictorian from Goodwater, AL, and a decorated former college football player, Dr. Simmons founded Sixth Gear Consulting, LLC to fuse leadership principles with technology, drawing on his extensive military and engineering expertise.


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