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🎧 Augmented Intelligence: The Game Changer for Top-of-Funnel Sales
Podcast Sales Tools / PodCast / May 23, 2024 / Posted by Nick Caruso / 17

🎧 Augmented Intelligence: The Game Changer for Top-of-Funnel Sales


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Nick Caruso about augmented intelligence in sales. Caruso, from, emphasizes that augmented intelligence aims to enhance human efficiency, not replace it. They explore its use in refining sales playbooks and ideal customer profiles at the funnel’s top, improving alignment between sales and marketing. Caruso predicts the future may hold fully automated sales processes but notes ethical considerations. The discussion underscores the potential for small and medium-sized businesses to use AI to boost their sales pipeline and growth.

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About Author

Nick Caruso stands out as a visionary entrepreneur and executive, uniquely blending expertise in sales and technology to drive unprecedented growth in early-stage tech startups. At the forefront of innovation as Chief Revenue Officer at since June 2019, Nick has been instrumental in pioneering AI-driven sales automation processes. His leadership has transformed enterprise knowledge into actionable intellectual capital, marking a significant leap forward in sales technology and strategy. This focus on leveraging cutting-edge AI tools has optimized sales processes and significantly enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, underscoring Nick’s role as a trailblazer in integrating technology with traditional sales methodologies.

Nick's journey in technology and innovation dates back to the early stages of his career, when he was recognized as a global developer challenge finalist. This accolade showcased his adeptness at leveraging the nascent Google Web Services, setting the stage for a career marked by continuous innovation and leadership in technology-driven solutions.


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